Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween Cactus Rampage!

Just wait until you see what that little green thing in the lower left of this picture turns into. Be afraid little Jack -o-lantern! Be afraid!!!

It looks all innocent now-- but the explosion is brewing! Just like Mount Saint Helene!

It's lush greenery is about to show it's other side!

Goodness gracious--looks like lots of funny little tropical birdies have landed!

This is it's shining moment--once a year it becomes the focal point in the room! We're hoping it lasts until Thanksgiving-so it gets lots of TLC in the next week or so.

Have a fabulous week all---off today to do some Christmas shopping and a little lunch at Red Robin!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm taking a poll

Do you all like this new Layout? I think I do.

Holy Apples!

Here is the result of washing, peeling, and cooking all of the apples that Paul and Sue picked for me from their neighbors trees. I now have 3- 1 gallon bags of --ready to incorporate in a pie or apple crisp--or yummy cinnamon apples-- because they would be just yummy like they are.

Well, not really ALL of them--there is still 3/4 of a box still in the garage.

I was tired after cranking my apple peeler for an hour so I just threw them in the fridge overnight. They got a little brown-but I didn't have a cup of lemon juice hanging around in the fridge to keep them from becoming Obama-like! Ha! I'll bet he's never been accused of being an old piece of apple before! I'd rather become an old piece of apple than be in the state of mind he must be in right now. No money in the world would put ME in politics!!

These apple peels did not go to waste. There is a woman in work that has 4 horses and they had a nice treat. I thought of putting them in the yard for my precious deer-but then thought better of that-because if they get used to eating tasty snacks they may be back soon----Speaking of deer-Paul Hayden was having a smoke outside last night and he saw 2 over by my flower garden.

These are the apples I have left. Unfortunately-no more room in the freezer! Most likely these will end up going to the horses--or maybe the sheep up the road. Or maybe we could squeeze some applesauce in the freezer----Man--I need to eat some blueberries!

That's all I got for now--Take care all and have a nice 1st week of November!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A cooking lesson--Polish Style

First you need a cute as a button 1/8 Polish girl who is willing to do anything her crazy Grandma asks her to do!
A circa 1980 kitchen floor to walk on-and to encourage your inner Polishness to come out in full force.

One large as your head--head of cabbage--coaxed off the core by some rapidly boiling water.

I use plain white long grain white rice-1 1/2 cups of rice to 3 cups of water-cook until all water is absorbed.

The cast of secret sauces---mix together and add about 1 soup can of water.

Stir in 1 1/2 pounds of lean hamburger-yes raw-don't worry- we'll cook all of the ingrediants twice before we serve it! Stir together well and add 1 tablespoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, and some garlic powder--about a teaspoon. Obviously-don't taste it at this point-unless of course you're French and you think raw hamburger is a delicasy!

Take one of those cooked cabbage leaves and place a large spoonful of filling in center. Fold the bottom up--sides in--and roll.

There -----you've made your first Golumbki!! Now make 12 more and place them on a rack in your pressure cooker (You can skip this part if you don't have one handy)

If you don't have a pressure cooker, just bake them longer in the oven.

Pour sauce over and pressure cook for 20 minutes.

They will look like this after 20 minutes of shushing!

Then place in a covered casserole dish and bake for 45 minutes @ 350.

Then you have your finished (not Finnish-Polish) polish feast. Dad likes catsup on them with pickled beets on the side. If you like Rye Bread-nothing tastes better with this dish!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween's Coming!

Great family shot of the Parisians. They sure make one happy family. Too cute!

This pumpkin now has a place of honor on Horton Street. He is scheduled for disection shortly!

Now---Ian wants to be a ghost! BOOOO Can't you just see him peeking in the window? Holy Sheets!

Julia wants to be a fish. It is a work in progress. After only one fitting today things are starting to look very fishy. That's ET filling in for Julia--he was a lot less wiggly than a giggly 4 year old. He probably couldn't compete with Miss Julia-he's 35 you know!

I thought I'd give you a preview of my favorite two goblins! Not the ones above mind you--but my two new favorites.

Monday, October 6, 2008