Sunday, November 2, 2008

Holy Apples!

Here is the result of washing, peeling, and cooking all of the apples that Paul and Sue picked for me from their neighbors trees. I now have 3- 1 gallon bags of --ready to incorporate in a pie or apple crisp--or yummy cinnamon apples-- because they would be just yummy like they are.

Well, not really ALL of them--there is still 3/4 of a box still in the garage.

I was tired after cranking my apple peeler for an hour so I just threw them in the fridge overnight. They got a little brown-but I didn't have a cup of lemon juice hanging around in the fridge to keep them from becoming Obama-like! Ha! I'll bet he's never been accused of being an old piece of apple before! I'd rather become an old piece of apple than be in the state of mind he must be in right now. No money in the world would put ME in politics!!

These apple peels did not go to waste. There is a woman in work that has 4 horses and they had a nice treat. I thought of putting them in the yard for my precious deer-but then thought better of that-because if they get used to eating tasty snacks they may be back soon----Speaking of deer-Paul Hayden was having a smoke outside last night and he saw 2 over by my flower garden.

These are the apples I have left. Unfortunately-no more room in the freezer! Most likely these will end up going to the horses--or maybe the sheep up the road. Or maybe we could squeeze some applesauce in the freezer----Man--I need to eat some blueberries!

That's all I got for now--Take care all and have a nice 1st week of November!

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Amy T said...

Chipper likes apples! Julia fed him some old carrots on Sunday. He's a sweetie. If you want to get rid of some more apples, I've got my own little apple-eater too :)